Thursday, May 31, 2012

A time to Change

It has been a while since I have written here and I seem to have a lot of ideas on my brain so there might be a dense period of blog posts.

Last week I started a journey that gave me a glimpse into what is in store for me for next year, and possibly the rest of my life. Next year I'm headed to San Francisco to volunteer for the Vincentian Service Corp at De Marillac Academy. This is an inner city school  in the tenderloin of San Fran. From what I understand from my trip is that this school was built in this poor neighborhood because of the need to have a school in the tenderloin. North of the tenderloin is Nob Hill (rich people), to the east is downtown (rich workers), and to the west is the shopping area on Market St. (rich shoppers). So obviously it makes sense to have the poor congregate right in the center of this, unfortunately this is how cities like San Francisco work.

Because I will be volunteering at De Marillac Academy, they flew myself and 2 other volunteers out this last week to see where we would be volunteering. Let me tell you, it was a culture shock on all levels for me. Being in a city that large will be a completely new experience for me. Working with teachers and not engineers will be a big change. Teaching and substituting in the classroom will be nerve wrecking. But. I know I will be needed and loved there. From what I understand I will working with their IT infrastructure and their development office to help with event planning, and when needed... teaching.

I could go on and on about this adventure, but I'm sure I will be blogging all about it this coming year!