Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Power of Words

Hello, I am a Computer Engineer. I like coding. I like math. I like numbers. I like theory. I like everything that involves few words. Have you ever felt this way? This has always been my greatest weakness and over the years I have worked extremely hard at overcoming this weakness of mine. I am starting to realize though words, spoken and written are extremely important to creating lasting relationships in your life.

I have found that I am best at writing my thoughts out, probably because I can truly think about what I'm saying (since I'm not very good and thinking and speaking). This has allowed me to convey many clear and concise thoughts to friends, family, coworkers, and professors. Writing allows me to express my brain because I cannot speak the randomness that flows through my thoughts. 

Others might be better at speaking their mind and talking through how they feel and others still, might be best understood by listening to another individual. Never-the-less, the message is the same, words are the building block of any strong relationship and deeply understanding another individual. Neglecting words in a relationship or using the wrong medium for your words can deeply affect a relationship in a negative way. I have learned both of these things in extremely hard way with some of the relationships that surround me.

Not using words, or as little as possible to communicate can allow for an easy efficient relationship for someone you are required to interact with, or at least it would seem like at first. But the longer words are not used to express feelings or emotions, the longer grudges have to boil into hatred and with no efficient medium to escape, the relationship is doomed to end in a negative way.

So as long as I use words to express how I feel, is a relationship is more likely to flourish? NO! For a while possibly, but what happens when there is a critical point in the relationship (hard decision, fight, depression, etc) and you choose a medium of words to attempt to communicate how you feel that isn't you best? 

Now I'm not saying ONLY use your best medium to express your words, thats just ridiculous, but rather be conscience of how you are expressing them, because when push comes to shove, words are all we have to our soul. Emotions, touch, body language, and gestures can be very convoluting without words behind them. All we have is to be impeccable with our words and hope for the best in our relationships. Plain and simple.