Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life is moving faster

Life is moving faster and faster for me now.  July 1st came around and I knew after that, there was no turning back for my life. And when July 15th came by, I was pretty much booked until I start my new adventure. Then this last weekend came, and it hit me. I’m leaving.

I think there are 3 times in a person’s life that you truly see how people feel about you. They are the death of a loved one, marriage, and moving. I have a lot to say about all three, but in light of recent events in my life I will stick with moving.

My whole life I have always thought that there was something more out there for me.  I have always had my head in the sky, wondering what was next. I’m still not sure if this is a boy’s fantasy or if it’s a mans goal, but the thing I am sure about is I will not give up. As I have told many in my life, I believe I have been given a unique opportunity and I’m not going to let it slip through my fingers. I am single, I don’t have any debt that needs to be paid immediately, I’m not tied down by a job, I don’t have any “stuff”,  my family is healthy, and so am I. I truly  can do anything I want to do, and I feel morally obligated to do so. If any one of those factors was false it would be a lot easier to make excuses to stay.

Despite this being my decision, it has impacted so many people... something I never really saw coming. In the last few weeks I have had many conversations, celebrations, “one more” drinks, laughs, and tears. The thing though that I have noticed the most is the  honesty in people, including myself. I have learned so much about my friends, my family, and myself recently and I credit that with me leaving. I think we get so caught up in our own everyday lives we don’t take that time to sit with those we love (including ourselves) and just have a conversation with each other and truly be interested in what the other person feeling. With ourselves, I think  sometimes we get so scared of change that we pass off those chances to try something new, meet someone new, doing something crazy, or just doing something as simple as talking to “that girl.”

I learned from a great friend of mine that the community around you will truly shape the outcome of your life. I have truly enjoyed all the conversation I have had with everyone in my life these last few weeks. You hauve made my life what it is... I mean its not everyday you see a catholic spontaneously organized drinking triathlete who’s past times include blowing on a trumpet, abusing his body in the heat, and praising God in a devoted way while continuing to progress in school and nerdy activities and in the cracks of all that quotes Scrubs That 70s Show, Star Wars, The Office... and still has some time for mtv.... I owe this all to you, the good AND the bad.

I challenge all of you to continue to living life to it’s fullest and continue to have intellectually stimulating conversations (between the dumbs ones) with others I hope to sykpe you soon to see your shining robot face over the world wide web!

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