Sunday, August 5, 2012

My First Week in San Francisco

Well, I survived my first week here. Fortunately, it was a pretty slow week in terms of things I needed to do. I had my first experience in professional development days as a teacher, now to take on the kids (I would rather deal with adults any day). It will be a new and exciting experience for me and though I'm a bit nervous for it, I think I will do well once I understand how to be a teacher.

I was able to start to understand the public transit system here in SF which includes walking, biking, buses, and the subway. The subway is a bit of a scary place but I managed to puff out my chest and show everyone this Iowan boy ain't scared.
I think though my most exciting adventures this last week would probably be my running and biking adventures. They have taken me to the Golden Gate bridge, the beach, Golden Gate Park, Haight street, Market street, Corona Heights Park, Twin Peaks, and up lots of crazy hills. As much as I hate the hills though, I have come to appreciate them and the spectacular view they can give you.

A few pictures of my adventure to Twin Peaks

This is a picture of the hill I went up to reach Twin Peaks.. From that point almost a 900ft climb!

I have learned the number one skill I need to learn in a big city: how to clip in and out properly...

I went to visit my ISU triclone friend in South San Francisco and we went hot tubing and talked about Start Ups and the valley.

The other night when I was on my roof (yes, I have full access to my roof and it is awesome) after talking with one of my friends that is working at a start up company, I began wondering what my next step was. That made me realize something very nerve wrecking, where am I going? I have been so focused on getting out to San Francisco thinking that it would open up a door of opportunities but its hard to look when you don't know what that is. One thing that I have learned from talking to my friend, is that companies out here are looking for skill in a certain area. Coding projects, coding practices, new ideas, and big focus on mobile and web coding. I really don't know what my next step in life is yet, but one thing is for certain, I need to start coding. So if you have an idea, let me know!

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