Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm in the "real" world now

The last time I wrote here was when I was finishing my volunteer year which was only 2 months ago, but seems like an eternity.  Since then, I have started working at a startup as an intern, started working at a school for IT part time, found a new place, moved to a new place, started working salary at my startup, and transitioned my IT job at the school to a consultant basis. To say the least it has been A LOT of transition for me.

More specifically, I am now living in Oakland California and working in San Francisco at a startup called InspiRational Tech. So far it has proved to be a major challenge for me, but if you know me, I love challenges. I am learning daily what it takes to grow a business, do sales, fix things I didn't build, market to large companies, and work with a foreign team halfway around the world. The job itself isn't as technical as what an actual engineering job would be, but it still requires so may skills I learned from my engineering degree like managing, planning, organizing, project mapping, researching, collaboration, and most importantly, thinking differently.

I'm traveling a lot with this job too so if you are in a big city, let me know and if I can make it there I will make sure to see you!

Now that we are hiring more people my manager has come to me and wants to me come up with my own goals for the company. She wants me to be happy and really excel at what I am passionate about. Since when do you hear that in the first 3 months of a new job, let alone your first real job out of college?

Note: At this point in writing this, I  diverged into a "Why am I passionate blog." I decided to leave this out and share it another day. :)

I'm excited about where I am in life. The horizons ahead look rip for the picking and hardships may will come, but I'm going to stay positive because you are the only one in charge of your life. No one else is and if someone does something that makes you sad or angry, their action is not the fault you're unhappy. It's your choosing to be unhappy about their actions.

My sister is getting married to a wonderful guy in a little over a month. I'm returning to Iowa to welcome him into the family and see my sister smile like she's never smiled before!

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