Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Wrong doing, government, policy, racism, justice, rights, idiots, misunderstanding, ignorance, injustice, hippies, and cluelessness. What category you decide the Ferguson case fits into? I honestly don't know. Maybe all of them? I don't know a whole lot on the situation and therefore have trouble fully deciding what to think.

Never-the-less, we are making history with this case and it will be one of those things that you hear about in the textbooks and "i remember when" stories. I will tell you though, at times as Americans, we see so many things through screens, text, rumors, bad innuendos, and humorous racial stereotypes, we forget the fact that there are real people suffering in the world. Even if it is cushy Americans "suffering" because of police brutality, they are losing their rights in a free country. I think this is something we sometimes forget in America. We are a nation under the dollar and we think that protects us.

The fact of the matter is, whoever holds the bigger stick decides the rules, even if it's self or majority elected. There will always be that injustice and the Ferguson case just further affirms this. So whether you are for the out come or not, remember that these are real people with real human rights caught in an unbelievably complex social issue.

Thats all I got for tonight. take it with a grain of salt.

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