Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where will life take you?

The question is simple, the answer is probably one of the most complex answers of humanity. Follow your dreams, conform to society, start a family, be an individual, make a difference, make enough to do what you love,  volunteer, give everything up, get your head out of the clouds and get a job, do what you want, do what you need, do what you family needs, don't get tied down, follow God and become a religious.

Surprisingly, I have heard all of these things at one point or another in my life. Most of the time in our lives upcoming choices are predetermined by choices we have made in the past such as having a family, choosing a very specific career, lifestyle, or even debt. When you need money your upcoming choices focus on getting a job, any job to allow you to live. When you have a family you have an obligation to support them and drastic life changes can be difficult. Having a very specific career can limit the jobs available to you and deprive you of opportunities in other areas.

For me, and a lot of graduating college students (if they choose to look outside the box) have a special opportunity in life, an educated beginning. Upon graduating if you have relatively low debt, are single with no kids, and have a willingness to try new things you have been given a great opportunity in life, something that I think should not be passed up. Realistically, if you played your cards right the only debt you have is low interest college loans which can be paid back over small intervals.

There is a snag though, one of which I have hit and never thought about in my 5 years of college: What if the world doesn't think you are ready for your goals and dreams? Interesting thought.

I currently am at a crossroads in my life. I see my friends getting married or starting their careers and yet I cannot see past 3 months in front of me. Plan for life as much as you want and even with an open mind, it will still probably change on you more than you expected.

"The sky is the limit." True, but you have to have a plane to get there and college only teaches you how to build it, you still have to actually build it --and fund it. I suppose I better get to work and not loose site of my dreams.

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