Monday, March 19, 2012

Is being open minded bad?

Is being open minded bad? I have started to wonder that over the last few months. All though college I was told to make yourself diverse. Learn a little about every subject so that you can be knowledgeable when you go out into the computer world. This gives you an upper hand because you are open to change and don't corner your career into a market too small. But is this a really good way of thinking about it?

In recent months though I have decided no, being specialized is by far a better route. Anywhere you look (at least in my case) companies, nonprofits, NGOs, volunteers agencies all are looking for specific skills and don't want you learning on the job. What does this mean? It means you need either higher education (masters or PhD) or 3+ years of experience in that specific field. It makes me look back on my college career and wonder if it was all a waste. Yes... I know.. It wasn't a waste. After 5 years in college I have learned so much, but just wonder if I should have had better priorities.

Maybe I'm just expecting too much out of college. Nevertheless, I will continue searching and hope and pray that I find what I am supposed to be doing next year.

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