Friday, March 9, 2012

One year from now

The American dream: To get married, get a good job, and raise a family in the land of opportunity. So what do you do if that isn't desirable to you? For me it wasn't so much "desirable" as "not the right time" and because of that I am at a loss what to do after college. All of my friends know what they want to do after college. Some have jobs, some are volunteering, most are getting married, and I have yet to make any commitment.

In my search of what I should do after college I have been turned down twice by an employer and a volunteer agency because "I don't know what I want to do." Apparently I can't make a god enough argument to them (or to myself) on why I should commit to them. So what do you do if you have no plans after college and absolutely no idea what you want to do? If you have no starting point but rather a dream that you cannot figure out how to make a reality?

So whats my dream? I don't know... THATS the kicker. Recently I have been watching/researching/reading about the inequality in our world. Being from a small town in Iowa none of this stuff ever really occured to me. The biggest "poverty" I saw were people who made bad life choices and addiction seems to be their best friend. Only recently in  my last few years of college have I learned of the major inequality in our world which by all means is unacceptable.

To me (as much as I hate to admit it.. maybe that will be another blog post) technology creates a tipping point or way that we can speak out globally for the first time in the history of humanity. We can come together as a global nation and fight the unacceptable acts that are in our world. Technology can create publicity for causes, create medical diagnosis tools, educational tools, renewable resources, and a higher quality of living for the human race. Technology is key to overthrow government suppression, abusive leaders, and illiteracy. This is the cause I want to follow.

I don't really know what my dream about all of this is though, because there IS a tipping point where technology becomes useless, in a quality of living sense. That's where I struggle. How to I push forward the very thing that is taking over our world? I suppose that's a question I should ask later.

So where does that put me? I have no idea. I suppose I continue to apply to places and pray that one thing leads to another. I know dreams don't happen overnight and I think that's something I just need to accept. I don't know where I will be one year from now, but I hope it is in pursue of this dream.

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