Sunday, November 11, 2012


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A few weeks ago I bought new running shoes. One of the things I am really trying to do while getting back into running shape is to run without music. Why? Because I think we all need quiet time to ourselves once in a while and I think running would be the perfect time.  I don't think I will be able to run without music all the time, but progress is progress. The first week I ran almost 25 miles.. and then my immune system shut down. I'm nearly though this sickness and then it back to focusing my time and effort of the thing I have been missing. Running.

A few weeks ago I gave out my first wait-think plan to a student (a sheet of paper that is apart of our discipline plan at school). Only days later, I sent my first student to the office. Since then I have sent 2 more kids to the office and given out 5 or 6 more wait-think plans. Mr Nennig is slowly starting to understand what is means to discipline. Progress.

Last Friday was the first time that I was completely in control of the 4th grade class all by myself for a whole day. The main teacher of the 4th grade was out for a wedding and so I was the "sub" for the class. I taught reading, writing, and vocab. I also lead the class meeting as well as my usual duties of homework support and art class. It was a long day, but only one kid cried the whole day! and I didn't give any wait-think plans out. Progress.

At work it I have been struggling a little bit with keeping myself busy because my position is different than the other volunteers. I don't actually "teach" a legitimate class that requires lesson planning and grading. This means that I really don't need to plan or worry about grades, which means I have time to do other things like tech work. Well the tech work for me at school has slowed down so I have been resorting to other things to try and fill my time positively. I am helping my roommate with the 6th grade during their time in the computer lab to teach them how to "Google" something. Its interesting to see kids type in '' and then search 'why the the Egyptians always worship so many gods?'. I have also taken more interest in my enrichment class. Rather than doing the same things I did last quarter, I am helping the kids through the process of creating a Android application. It is something that I can do and they seem to like it. If I cannot find something to do during the day, then I have found myself wondering into classes and observing other teachers to see what I can do to become a better teacher. Progress.

Can Anyone find a common theme in this post? Progress. I think this is what I need. Something that forces me to move forward. Now that my world is slowly changing from the unusual to the usual, its time I start taking control of it. So what the next progressive step for me? I need to find something that is fulfilling. Despite the fact that I am volunteering and helping kids everyday, I look at my life and ponder the fact that if I wasn't here in San Francisco would anything suffer? I look at my roommate that I work with and he teaches social studies and if here were to leave my school would be in shock looking for someone to fill his spot. Another one of my roommates told me that she is finally doing something that she feels like she is needed at her hospital. I think thats what I'm missing right now and I need to find that sense of need.

Are you needed where you are right now? Is there a reason you are where you are? Or are you just comfortable?

I personally believe that joy comes from feeling needed. And if you don't feel that you are needed, then maybe its time for a change and maybe mix things up a bit. Just a thought....

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