Sunday, November 25, 2012


It has been a while since I have written in here, so I thought I would give you an update on the recent craziness of my life. As some of you know my mother and my aunt came out to San Francisco this last weekend. I could tell you of all the things that we did when they were here, but if you ask them, they would agree that this blog would be TOOO long if I did that! You can see some of our adventures in the photo album below.

What I would like to talk about is planning, hosting, good conversations, and being with people you love. This last week my mom and aunt came, it was thanksgiving, and we had 3 people from LA up here at the house. To me that means a lot of planning to make sure that they are comfortable. If someone is going travel hours and hours and spend a nice amount of money, then I think it is your obligation to make sure they have the best time possible. The good thing about this is I love to do just that. I think one of my greatest pleasures of life is to serve and host those that I love. I think so many people get tired of doing things like that, but its those things I look forward to day in and day out. To say the least, I think everyone that passed through our house the last week and a half really had a great time with myself and my community.

Why is serving and hosting so important? Because I think it allows for those conversation that would never really happen otherwise. For instance, I was able to learn more about how my mother and aunt were raised in a farm house back in the day. I got to learn a bit more about how they interacted over the years and how important their families are to them. It's inspiring. I was also able to sit down with my mother and talk about retirement, saving money, and the hardships that I think about when I look into my future. I was also able to learn more about one of my LA friends that was up here. I was able to learn about her struggles, hopes, and dreams, and honestly just her struggle. Sometimes just hearing that someone else is also truly struggling can really make you feel a bit better. I was also able to talk to the vice president of my school in the last week. We talked about what do I truly want to do? Why did I come out to San Francisco? And even better he seemed like he legitimately wanted to help me. 

I think the close conversation we can have with those we love and are close to really makes life full. I think at times I miss that out here. Granted I can talk with my friends and family any time with technology these days, but talking online is in no way the same as someone physically with you.

Just having my mother and my aunt here with me made me feel so at home. Having the LA people up here was nice too because it was just great to talk with them about their jobs, struggles, and most importantly, share in laughs conversation with them. They are so similar to us here that its nice to see and hear about people doing the same thing. And ironically how similar they are to us in terms of what matters in life.

This last week truly gave me the inspiration I needed to continue on with my volunteering, but more importantly not give up on my hopes for the future. It showed me that I will always have those around to support me. On the other hand, it made me really wonder the importance of being with those you love versus chasing your dreams. We only have so much on this earth and and our loved ones might have less... Where is the balance with spending life with those you love versus doing your duty to God and society? Good question. Good question..

To have that support of your loved ones is really important and for that I would truly like to thank my friends and family for all that you do for me! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I will be home in 3 weeks everyone. I hope that we can see each other while I'm back in the midwest. If we cannot, then I expect you are planning a trip out to see me, I would love to host you. :)

Below is a huge slideshow of all the pictures I have taken in the last week. Enjoy! 

PS. The thing I found most hilarious about my aunt and mom was the fact that they both love taking pictures. So you will probably find lots of pictures of them taking pictures of other stuff. 

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