Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'm Coming Home

Well in less than 48 hours I am coming home to Iowa. I cannot believe that it has been 5 months already. I have gone from a town of 6,000 to a university of 56,000 and now to a city and area that is considered the tech industry center of the world. In those 5 months I have learned a lot about myself, most of which is probably too personal to share on my blog but I would be more than willing to talk about one on one. But a few things that I can talk about are dreams, sacrifice, and relationships.

I came to San Francisco for two reasons: to serve the poor and to figure out what I am suppose to do with a computer engineering degree. The first is a dream I have had since high school when I realized I wanted to be an engineer. At that point in my life I knew that I would never struggle with putting food in my belly. I had just begun to understand the unjust world we live in and promised myself once I was done with engineering school I would volunteer for at least a year. Being in San Francisco I am accomplishing that dream and it has taken my second dream to a whole new level. It has helped me grow up and truly see how many great people there have been in our history, most of which will forever be nameless in main stream society.

My second dream has been to do something great. I figured a degree in computer engineering would get me there, though I'm finding it is merely a starting point. I'm in San Francisco starting to understand the global community, diversity, and craziness of the world. It is certainly not the midwest. Granted I knew this was true, I just never expected to affect me this way. At times I feel like doing something great is not fundamentally possible for me. I mean I learn about these great people and the uniqueness of their brains but more importantly what they have given up. To me, I see that I am at a crossroads with what I want in life and what I am meant to do in life. The hard part is deciding which is which. I have never been one to give up though and currently I don't see that changing!

Well my second dream kind of lays out the sacrifice thing, to be where I am right now I have given up a lot. Many would say I didn't have to but for me to focus, I do. Since I left 5 months ago I have given up my friends, family, biking, swimming, a job, the midwest, driving, peace and quiet, traditions, and a good income. Whats left? A stripped down version of myself ready to take on the world. I'm going home for Christmas soon and I thought the year is going fairly quickly, then I realized that I'm not even half way finished yet. Sacrifice is hard, but without it, it's impossible to grow.

I was in college for 5 years of my life. In that short time frame I gained 3 best friends, a brother-in-law, 2 nephews, a niece, and experienced the passing of two close friends. Now that I am away from them I'm beginning to realize how important they are to me. I was blessed with so many great people in my life and still because they are in constant support of me doing what I'm doing. Thank you all. Whether its a random card, text, facebook, or prayer, I appreciate all of you and cannot wait to see you over the next few weeks. You are what keep me going and without you all in my life I would not be who I am today!

There are a few pictures of recent events in my life below, be sure to ask me about them when I see you!

Christmas Tree at Union Square San Francisco

We bought Monopoly. What a great game!

At the top of a skyscraper in downtown San Francisco for the De Marillac Holiday party, compliments of a generous donor!
Went to the De La Salle estate in Napa to visit some retired brothers

The property where the brothers lived was breath taking

Beautiful sunset in Napa Valley

Enjoying some free wine tasting in Napa valley!

Learning a new skill with one of the LA volunteers

Trip to LA resulted in a trip to the Observatory. Amazing!


The cast of Harry Potter!

The coolest staircase ever!!

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  1. Don't know quite what to say. Your cousin Jeff Priborsky son of Vina might have some ideas for you. Hope I can get to know you again while you are home. I would like to put a 2 hour walk on the calendar so the rest of the family allow it to happen.

    I am very proud of the man you have become.

    Love Dad