Thursday, March 14, 2013

Winter in San Francisco

WOW! Has it been a crazy last few months. I am able to take a little breather this week before I have sisters and friends at my house for the next 3 weeks. I figured I should update all of my friends and family about some of the things that have been happening in my life since Christmas.

Since Christmas I have been to Los Angeles twice, started distance running again, implemented a full checkin/out solution for a benefit, participated in the Color Run, hung out with Flat Stanley, hosted friends from the midwest, and participated in Catholic Schools Week. See the pics below!

To give some of you a little incite of what I have been doing at work for the last 4 months, I have been implementing a software solution called GreaterGiving. It is a event management software that you can use from start to finish for events of your organisation from year to year. Back in November I was given the "okay" to start researching electronic solutions for De Marillac's huge Annual Scholarship Benefit (ASB) in March. I decided on GreaterGiving because it was exactly the solution we needed to register guests' credit cards and process everything automatically.

There were a lot of ups and downs during the whole process because of the tight timeline we were on to implement the software. I needed to import over 300 guests, teach others how to process another 500, create gift package appropriate for our event, create a checkin process, create a checkout process, and make sure everything works smoothly so that donors give over a half million dollars. I personally loved doing all this because I was in charge. My coworkers were taking my advice, going off of my suggestions, and implementing everything I asked. The night of came along and everything went flawless. I could not have been happier with the end results. I simply love process, technology, people, and bridging the gap between the people who work hard doing good things and technology to make their lives easier. I suppose there's a career in there somewhere.

That brings me where my focus has been and will be for the next few months, next year. I'm really enjoying working with event software, so I might look into development for those companies. Other opportunities include working on a development team for the mobile industry, specifically Android. I'm also pondering being a hobo and working on the warf here making money from tourists, I hear they make a lot of money. Kidding! Once I know more about this subject, I will let everyone know!

Picture Time!

A hiking adventure in California!

My awesome running shoes that everyone makes fun of

We visited Sausalito just north of SF and look what we found, just an average day in  California

A beautiful view in Sausalito

Watching the Superbowl  rooting for the 49ers!

Mr. Nennig during Catholic Schools Week

Probably the best burger I have ever had on Haight St.

My career path that led me to DMA

St. Boniface, the church linked to my school

Probably the funniest sign I have seen in SF. Fortunately, it didn't  get me to come in!

Coastal View

More Coast

Malibu beach on a beautiful January day!

My feet on the edge of the world!

At Anaheim conference center

The Genie in legos!!!!!!!

A picture full of raw imagination

If you imagine it, they will provide the building blocks

Best friends

If only I was able to get on the other side of that fence....

Does anyone see whats totally wrong with this picture?

Lookin classy San Francisco

Color Run!

Pretty much the coolest picture ever

Lumbard St.

Everything ready for ASB 2013

This is a book of poems that the 8th graders from my school made. We sold them at ASB. They are pretty amazing!

An except from Rise Above


The lovely hotel I stayed in for ASB 2013

Complimentary Starbucks :)

This was complimentary for each member of the event team..... pretty cool.

Registration all set up for ASB 2013

My roommates getting ready for the craziness

After taking down registration, we had to set up all the computers again for checkout in a 20 minute window

The De Marillac Choir performing for all 700 guests

A few pieces of art work by the students for sale

A view from the glass elevator heading to my room .

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