Monday, April 1, 2013

A visit from my family

The last 2 weeks I have had family in town! We had lots of fun and tasted many different types of food. We did sight seeing, wine tasting, hiking,  hill driving, talked, and just enjoyed each others company. I'm really glad they came out (despite the fact I'm exhausted!) and hope that whatever I do next year will allow me to still see them frequently. Below is a link to all the photos I took!

This week I'm on Easter break so my short list of things to do includes getting back on a running schedule, finish my taxes, update my cover letters, update my resume, and apply apply apply to more jobs. The law of large numbers states the more times something is done, the more likely the desired result will be met. The more I understand what I want to do next year, the more I can perfect my resume and e-portfolio. The better my resume is, the better idea what jobs I want to submit. The more jobs I apply for, the more likely I will get responses from employers. The more responses I get from employers, the higher chance I have of getting a career in something I can truly make a difference. The work I put in will average out to a career I desire, this is the law of large numbers.

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