Monday, February 27, 2012

In short,
One of the bigger role models of my life has been a pastor that I have become to know as a good friend over the last 5 years. Fr. Ev was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April of 2011 and was given only a few months to live. It has been nearly 11 months since diagnosis and God has kept Fr. Ev with us. Fr. Ev has inspired me in many ways and I will never forget what he has taught me about God and life in general. The video below is of a project that I have been continually working on for the last 10 months. If anyone would like to add to this project, just email me the photos!


  1. I have a friend from my church camp days who is working down in Haiti. Not only is he helping out and doing God's work, in his downtime he gets to lighten up the lives of a lot of kids. I imagine he's pretty lucky in that aspect, but it doesn't have to be the case that helping out means dragging yourself down in order to pull someone else up.

    Just a thought.

    1. I agree very much so. Doing service isn't about sacrifice (well maybe a small bit) at least to me. I think its the whole "whats next" idea that makes me nervous. Also the fact that my life will be switching from school (all I have ever known) to something different... just a lot to think about I suppose.

  2. Hah, I commented on the wrong post. Who writes multiple blog posts in the same day? C'mon!